mySeaMap 1.9.1 released

Version 1.9.1 is just a small update. It adds a new parameter to the call of the URL scheme: pin. The value of pin can be true or false or just an arbitrary text. Example:

myseamap://?lat=53.4;lon=10.1;zoom=16;type=3;pin=My little ship


Introducing the myseamap URL scheme

Starting with version 1.9.0 mySeaMap will be supporting the myseamap URL scheme. By using this scheme you can launch mySeaMap from other apps or web pages. Here’s an example:


This will bring you to the City Sporthafen Hamburg, displayed with the OpenSeaMap chart type. Chart types are counted from 0 (Apple Streetmap) to 4 (MapQuest) as they are listed in the menu of the app. The parameters zoom (1 to 18) and type are optional parameters.