mySeaMap goes open source!

As I haven’t found much time lately to continue the development of mySeaMap and it is not likely that I will find that time in the near future I have decided to release mySeaMap into the open source.

It is released under the MIT license, so you may do with it whatever you wish. If you want to create another app and release it into the app store, that’s fine with me. Maybe you drop me a note if you do something interesting with it.

Here’s the code:




MapQuest not working anymore

As of July 11 MapQuest has discontinued access to their tile servers. Unfortunately they didn’t warn anyone before 😠

So, the next version of mySeamap will stop using MapQuest. Please use the other maptypes instead.

mySeaMap 1.9.3 released

mySeaMap 1.9.3 adds more interactive informations to the map. Now boatyards and boat fuel stations are tapable as well as harbours and locks. Also the quality of information retrieval has beed improved. So not just url, phone, vhf, and email fields are displayed, but also contact:url, contact:phone, contact:vhf, and contact:email if they are used instead.

Simulator Screen Shot 09.04.2016, 08.42.25

mySeaMap 1.9.1 released

Version 1.9.1 is just a small update. It adds a new parameter to the call of the URL scheme: pin. The value of pin can be true or false or just an arbitrary text. Example:

myseamap://?lat=53.4;lon=10.1;zoom=16;type=3;pin=My little ship


Introducing the myseamap URL scheme

Starting with version 1.9.0 mySeaMap will be supporting the myseamap URL scheme. By using this scheme you can launch mySeaMap from other apps or web pages. Here’s an example:


This will bring you to the City Sporthafen Hamburg, displayed with the OpenSeaMap chart type. Chart types are counted from 0 (Apple Streetmap) to 4 (MapQuest) as they are listed in the menu of the app. The parameters zoom (1 to 18) and type are optional parameters.

mySeaMap 1.7.2 released

Apple has just released version 1.7.2 of mySeaMap. I have added the “classical” OpenSeaMap background, which is indeed the OpenStreetMap-Mapnik style:


Naturally, all the other map options are still available. Also, mySeaMap now prevents sleep mode. Like other navigation apps mySeaMap will always be on until you quit it!